Case Study

Agent Training Coupled with Consultative Sales Approach for MSO Client Increased Annual Total Sales by 220%

26 days ago

For a mature business sector like the Cable/MSO industry, selling more to each customer is vital to sustained profitability. Hitting targets for sales revenue and upsells requires a deeper understanding of every buyer and the ability to tailor individual offers.

The Challenge

This client, a Fortune 100 Cable/MSO company supported by ResultsCX for more than 15 years, sought to increase revenue per customer. Achieving this goal required meeting three imperatives:

• Sales needed to be more personalized and consultative

• Product offerings had to align better with customer needs

• Upsells had to increase

The Solution

Operations leaders developed a specialized sales group focused on a highly personalized customer approach, incorporating:

• A new agent hiring profile matching top performers

• White glove service training for consultative sales

• Client incentives reinforced rewards for agent conversion success

• A call guide and dispositioning system integrated with client telephony to reinforce best practices

• Outbound callbacks to influence wavering customers

The Results

The initiative resulted in sales success and improved performance in revenue KPIs across the board:

• 37% increase in average equipment revenue per sale

• 72% of sales involved the highest-value product package

• 267% increase in average units per sale

• 220% increase in annual total equipment sales