Case Study

AI Enabled Training Drives 16% Retail Sales Growth for Home Delivery Food Retailer During Call Volume Surge

27 days ago

For retailers, creating great customer experiences, regardless of circumstances, is essential for sustained success. Unexpected increases in demand and outsize support volumes require operational agility and creative approaches to keeping customers happy.

The Challenge

  • A U.S. based home delivery food retailer experienced a 300% surge in customer call volume:
  • Strained capacity to maintain high CX standards 
  • Required rapid response to sales opportunities 
  • Existing staffing levels inadequate for high call volume 

The Solution 

ResultsCX implemented a four-pronged rapid ramp-up strategy to meet surging demand and expedite speed to proficiency: 

  • Accelerated recruiting, hiring, and onboarding plan 
  • Custom build-out of proprietary SupportPredict Agent AI platform with bots for sales training 
  • Collection and analysis of customer profile data to return individualized upsell recommendations  
  • Identification of targeted agent coaching opportunities using performance analytics

The Results 

The technology-enabled rapid ramp to proficiency ensured that our 150 new agents—a 75% staff increase—could successfully handle the 300% jump in call volume and achieve the following metrics: 

  • 80% Reduction in new-hire training time 
  • 12% Reduction in six-week average handle time for inbound sales calls 
  • 7% Growth in average cart value due to upsell prompts 
  • 16% Increase in overall sales 
  • Nearly $100K savings in training costs