Case Study

Digital CX Transformation Saves Financial Services Client $1 Million Annually

26 days ago

Overall, the financial services sector has been slow to modernize and integrate customer support systems. When agents manually search multiple sources for information while serving customers, average handle time (AHT) and customer satisfaction suffer.

The Challenge

Our client, a $4.7-billion financial services company, implemented a new digital customer interface, but legacy information systems and multiple unwieldy knowledge sources produced complex and costly support problems.

• Lengthy AHT

• Unacceptable agent time to proficiency

• New customer self-service application didn’t sync with other systems effectively

The Solution

ResultsCX reduced support costs by promoting unified knowledge management and digital support adoption:

• Developed new agent training curriculum

• Analyzed voice interactions and digital behaviors

• Deployed proprietary SupportPredict knowledgebase with Agent AI to improve agent effectiveness

• Aligned transformed support toolkit with new SOPs

The Results

AI-powered agent assistance and efficient support systems drastically improved CX, leading to significant financial impact.

• AHT improved by 162 seconds after 9 months

• $1 million+ projected annual savings

• 5% Increase in customer app use within three months

• 92.5%-96.4% Increase in quality scores in nine months

• 30-day decrease in agent time-to-proficiency within three months

• Reduced billable hours, consistent KPI achievement, improved customer experience