Case Study

Gaming Retailer Boosts NPS by 30% and CSAT by 17% During Holiday Rush with Conversational AI and Analytics

26 days ago

When ramping up support to meet the holiday customer demand spike, retailers must pay special attention to the customer experience, especially customer satisfaction. Newly hired agents depend heavily on the right tools and enhanced training to maintain KPIs.

The Challenge

ResultsCX’s steep holiday staffing ramp up for a U.S retail gaming brand centered on superior call-handling, measured by three key metrics:

• Per-transaction costs

• Outstanding customer experience

• Agent performance

The Solution

The client incorporated our proprietary digital experience management platform SupportPredict into its CX solution, enabling new capabilities:

• Conversational AI to help staff better anticipate and address unforeseen issues and resolve problems faster

• Top call driver analysis to Improve operations and accelerate first contact resolution

The Results

Performance improved significantly within six weeks:

• Two-minute reduction in average handle time

• 30% improvement in Net Promoter Scores over the previous year

• 17% uptick in customer satisfaction over the previous year

• Reduced cost per transaction and overall support costs

• Increased speed to proficiency for new agents