Case Study

Global Fitness Retailer Added Language and Channel Capacity, Achieving 50% Monthly Customer Retention

1 month ago

Fitness-oriented retailers are highly dependent on customer subscriptions and retention to be successful. Given the extremely interpersonal nature of this business, customer experience is key to preventing churn and supporting expansion goals.

The Challenge

A U.S.-based global fitness retail brand found that meeting the brand's high standard of customer satisfaction became more difficult during a planned business expansion phase, due to:

  • Limited multi-language, culture-specific support
  • Falling CSAT scores
  • High customer churn
  • Limitations in the operating model that made it difficult to meet growth demands

The Solution

In addition to deploying a robust multilingual, multichannel support team, our team of experts:

  • Established a stronger team structure for reporting, training, and everyday customer support
  • Focused more closely on creating regional market awareness, with on-site operations
  • Used data analysis to drive proactive recruitment and ongoing training as necessitated by the expansion
  • Facilitated faster order processing, as well as real-time forecasting, and reporting

The Results

Adding two communication channels for multilingual support facilitated successful expansion across six continents in 14 languages, helping the client realize:

  • 40% reduction in staff attrition rate
  • 43-50% monthly customer retention rate
  • Significantly higher CSAT scores, registering 70% on agent knowledge and accessibility and 78% on agent professionalism