Case Study

Health Insurer's Member Service Plan Boosts NPS 12% with Analytics

2 months ago

For health plans, member experience plays an important role in member retention, and ultimately in healthcare outcomes. Member support providers need to constantly monitor and mitigate member pain points that interfere with plan effectiveness and impede care. 

The Challenge 

For a large leading Medicare Advantage plan provider and long-time ResultsCX client, specific call quality issues were causing significant member frustration:  

  • Excessive dead air, overly long hold time, and too many internal transfers 
  • Scripting requirements that irritated callers 
  • Inaccurate information, driving an excessive 4% callback rate 

The Solution 

ResultsCX experts leveraged analytics to identify the root cause of the call problems and developed tactical interventions to:  

  • Eliminate incorrect instructions and inaccuracies driven by the client's learning management system  
  • Loosen and improve call scripting requirements to enhance empathy and politeness of support experience  
  • Reduce system complexity to limit periods of inactivity during calls  

The Results 

ResultsCX was named the highest performing partner, which included outperforming client's internal teams.   Real-time agent-level improvements included: 

  • 11% increase in overall ultimate call scores that incorporated six key call attributes  
  • 12% increase in overall NPS—from 25% to 37%  
  • 10% NPS score lead over the next-highest performing vendor