Case Study

Innovative Surge Staffing Strategy Nets Cost Savings for Streaming Media Brand While Reducing AHT by 12%

26 days ago

Few industries offer more choices to consumers than media and entertainment. In a space where customers can switch off their subscriptions in a blink, outstanding CX is essential to building a loyal customer base and minimizing churn. Radically rethinking support and finding new approaches to operations can be the key to acquiring and keeping customers.

The Challenge

A U.S.-based streaming media subscription company and long-time ResultsCX client experienced a surge in sales and customer assistance that strained existing operations:

• Increased sales and customer service call volumes

• Critical agent shortage at time of expanding need

• Difficulty recruiting and onboarding new agents

• Risks to support quality and performance, as well as brand reputation

The Solution

ResultsCX developed a creative staffing operations plan to simultaneously outmaneuver coverage challenges and elevate the customer experience:

• Identified available agents equally effective working onsite or at home

• Employed cross-training program to develop flexible universal agents

• Enhanced ability of team to cover and fill staffing gaps

• Transitioned and cross-trained all needed agents within a five-day window

• Adjusted curriculum to expedite new hire learning

The Results

Transforming agent coverage, availability and onboarding also improved performance outcomes:

• 80% reduction in training time

• $165,000 savings annually linked to expedited training for sales agents

• 12% Average Handle Time reduction, with consistently lowered time to resolution by one minute, on average