Case Study

Leading Health Plan Elevates CSAT by 12% With Conversational AI During Annual Enrollment

26 days ago

For managed Medicare health plans, the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is critical for retaining and attracting new members to support financial success and viability. When members are researching potential plans and making enrollment decisions, agent interactions grounded in accuracy and empathy play an important role in ultimate plan choice.

The Challenge

For a U.S. Fortune 500 health plan, and 15+ year ResultsCX client, AEP raised the stakes for agent knowledge and operational capacity, necessitating:

• Expedited time to proficiency for new hires

• Agents’ understanding of complex member support needs

• Lower average handle times – without compromising the authenticity of care

The Solution

ResultsCX deployed SupportPredict, AI-powered digital experience platform, in concert with analytics to help agents maximize call quality. Performance benefits included:

• Streamlined agent workflows with AI-powered bots

• Compiled actionable voice-of-the-customer intelligence from interaction analytics, quality audits, and CSAT feedback

• Delivered real-time efficiency-boosting insights to agents on-the-call

• Freed time for agents to build rapport with members rather than search for knowledgebase answers

• Increased ability to identify and resolve outstanding issues thanks to targeted, weekly performance reviews

The Results

Newly hired agents assisted by SupportPredict Bots consistently outperformed their peers:

• 15% higher accuracy scores while meeting the speed to proficiency target in the first month

• 12% greater customer satisfaction during the first month, with gains during months two and three

• One-minute reduction in AHT during the first month, with additional gains in the two subsequent months

• Reduced after-call work time and shorter hold times, alongside increased accuracy