Case Study

Leading Retailer Leans into Customer Interaction Analytics to Improve CSAT by 91%

26 days ago

For the retail industry, optimizing and simplifying the buyer journey is crucial to meeting customer expectations every step of the way. A brand’s reputation depends on knowing and reducing customer pain points wherever they occur.

The Challenge

Our client, a well-known North American retail brand, wanted a clearer understanding of their customer experience and what could be done to make it better. Early improvement goals centered on:

• Decreasing overall average handle time

• Reducing repeat calls

• Increasing customer satisfaction

The Solution

A cross-functional team conducted a 30-day interaction analytics study, examining:

• Top call drivers

• Correlation between agent behaviors and customer sentiment

• Reasons for repeat calls and transfers

• Technical customer issues

• Issues with orders, returns, and exchanges

The Results

Actionable insights from ResultsCX analytics led to meaningful improvements within weeks:

• 67% decrease in time to proficiency driven by on-the-spot coaching

• 6% reduction in call silent time from new flagging/handling process

• Nearly 20% reduction in AHT with better call efficiency

• 14% improvement in quality scores

• Uptick in customer satisfaction scores from 91% after six weeks of process improvement