Case Study

Low-cost Airline Used Analytics to Improve CSAT by 18%

1 month ago

Competition is fierce among low-cost airlines, making customer satisfaction an extremely important metric. Extensive communication is required to create repeat customers for this sector, making it imperative to optimize every channel and all aspects of customer support.

The Challenge

The customer care program for a leading low-cost European airline was plagued by multiple challenges and struggled to meet growing customer expectations:

• Poor service quality

• Low CSAT scores

• High call abandonment rates

The Solution

ResultsCX stepped in to perform root cause analysis of training, QA, and scheduling, and identified several improvement opportunities, including:

• Scheduling for better language coverage

• Streamlining process for escalations

• Conducting real-time QA sessions, with soft skills training and extended coaching

• Providing access to knowledgebase to improve information flow and enable self-service

• Enabling additional support via email

The Results

Improved agent capacity, preparedness, and expertise led to tangible outcomes for the airline:

• 10% reduction in call abandonment after six months

• 18% year over year improvement in customer satisfaction

• Reduced costs through email usage to augment language and capacity coverage