Case Study

Media Client Speeds Up Resolution with Outbound Calls, Reducing AHT by 100 seconds and Increasing CSAT by 8%

2 months ago

Competition is stiff across the media and entertainment industry, making support experience a key contributor to customer retention. When agents have the option to use outbound calls to resolve chat interactions that seem to be going nowhere, everyone involved is happier. 

The Challenge 

For a well-known entertainment and streaming media brand, swift customer resolution via chat is often a challenge, characterized by: 

  • Excessive AHT for complicated troubleshooting and billing issues 
  • Poor chat communication leading to unhappy customers
  • Agent-customer misunderstanding  

The Solution 

Chat agents offered customers an outbound phone call to speed issue resolution:  

  • Defined criteria for Chat-to-Call use cases (i.e., long chats, complicated billing issues, lengthy troubleshooting, miscommunication, etc.) 
  • Trained agents on outbound dialing and when to offer Chat-to-Call 
  • Tracked CSAT daily on Chat-to-Call to assess overall impact 
  • Increased agents' comfort level in transitioning to voice contact 

The Results 

Using outbound calls to resolve some chat sessions ensured agent effectiveness and made customers happier: 

  • 8% improvement in CSAT scores
  • 100 seconds reduction in AHT
  • Increased Speed to Resolution
  • Improved overall customer experience  
  • Increased agent efficiency  

"Because of my ongoing issues, [the agent] asked to call me to help resolve the issue. She stayed on the phone while I verified that all services on the bundle worked." – Customer comment