Case Study

Outbound Program for Telecom Provider Increased Sales by 80%

1 month ago

Companies in mature industry sectors like telecom must work harder to increase market share while retaining existing customers. High performing outbound campaigns are an important contributor to their success.

The Challenge

A U.S. telecom leader and long-time client partnered with ResultsCX to revamp outbound operations to achieve elevated sales targets:

• Increase market share by converting competitors' customers

• Optimize strategy for exceeding sales goals

• Extend existing client record of high-volume sales success

The Solution

ResultsCX designed and implemented new strategies and initiatives to exceed the heightened sales targets:

• Created new hire training modeling pitches from top performers

• Developed scenarios to help agents match features and benefits to customer needs

• Devised agent incentive plans linked to client revenue generation and ROI

• Modeled WOW calls (outstanding service examples) for agent download

• Provided WOW call library segmented by product type for easy access

• Increased supervisor accountability for team success with weekly outlier call focus

The Results

The innovative solution helped the client achieve cost-neutral growth in overall sales, sales amount per customer, and upsells:

• 80% more units sold in first year of enhanced program

• 22 additional units sold per hour during first year of enhanced program

• $318,000 increase in annual revenue, without increase in cost of support

• 96% success rate when accessories offered to customers