Case Study

Reimagined Work-At-Home Training Model Benefits Fortune 500 Retailer

8 months ago

Training and nesting enhancements fast track newagent performance achievements

The Client

The client, a renowned Fortune 500 company, is a home improvement specialty retailer operating throughout North America and beyond. Since 2017, ResultsCX has been a valued partner providing inbound and outbound sales, inbound service, email, chat, and backoffice support.

The Challenge

After a transition to our ResultsCX Home Office work-at-home model, the ResultsCX Operations team noticed a change in agent performance data. The team met KPI targets, but segregating the newest agents’ scores from those of more tenured agents revealed that the tenured agents’ scores had been masking shortcomings in the new-agent group.

Reviews of our recruiting processes and new agent training uncovered opportunities to better equip new agents in training and nesting. The training methods that drove success for onsite agents were not yielding the same success levels in the ResultsCX Home Office environment.

The Initiative

To ensure ResultsCX Home Office agents received the same efficacy of training and support as their onsite counterparts, it was necessary to enhance training and rebuild nesting, especially for how at-home agents worked.

Increasing support ratios during nesting is a go-to option for improving nesting success rates, but it wouldn’t be the sole focus of our enhancement plan. We needed fully dedicated support resources and an immersive learning experience for new agents. Our new model placed at-home trainees in virtual groups of five with a shared mentor or subject matter expert. One agent would take a call while the others listened and followed screens on ResultsCX’s W@H technology platform. Following the call, the group would jointly review and discuss the call. This operation required that agents create a case for every call that may require follow-up. When reviewing a call and case with their mentor, new agents were trained on the follow-up process.

Agents in the new nesting processes took a minimal three to five calls within the first days and received focused individualized support. Trainees reported feeling more in control and more capable than before, thanks to the highly interactive learning environment. Twice-daily debriefs were implemented to ensure any process or knowledge gaps were covered across the new hire team.

During Days 3 and 4 of the new nesting model, agents trained on targeted skills and best practices for case management and documentation. By Day 5, each agent handled six calls and had three reviews. Agents worked closely with their coaches and gained feedback before closing any instances. Week two followed the same outline, with agents taking more calls.

Our enhanced virtual classroom training surpassed the client’s process standards with a pre-production certification requirement and expanded assessments. The content was carefully designed to provide agents with a complete understanding of multiple call scenarios and the skills to deliver accurate resolution for each customer.

The Outcomes

With the new training strategies and processes in place and peak season approaching, overall VOC trended upward—even with high counts of new agents. 


ResultsCX empowered new agents to provide an outstanding customer experience. We developed new and enhanced processes in improving the agent experience and drove wins for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Even with 2020 seeing three out of seven onboarding waves before the training enhancements were implemented, ResultsCX ended 2020 with a significant overall performance improvement for this client.