Case Study

Retailer Expanded Support Channels and Availability, Increasing Online Sales by 36%

1 month ago

With online shopping becoming the norm, customer expectations around retail support responsiveness are rising sharply. To remain competitive, retailers must expand their customer support channels as well as the hours during which live support is available.

The Challenge

Our client, a U.K-based fashion retailer, limited its customer care to telephone, negatively impacting customer experience:

• Poor online customer reviews

• Unacceptable CSAT scores

• Low NPS

• Inability to handle order volume growth

The Solution

The ResultsCX team deployed a multilingual, multichannel support team to effectively address the challenges:

• Added email and chat support channels

• Changed business hours to match customer needs

• Altered staffing levels to improve coverage

• Enabled real-time reporting paired with on-the-spot retraining to improve quality

• Enhanced focus on providing real-time support

The Results

Customers reported being happier with more personalized support that matched their schedules and needs:

• 40% improvement in CSAT and NPS

• 23% reduction in abandoned calls after 18 months

• 36% increase in ecommerce sales

• Positive revenue impact

• Increased call deflection – as other support channels grew in popularity