is proud to support world champion
and 2022 Olympic athlete

Chris Lillis



2022 Olympic Torch

Winter Olympics 2022 • 1st, AET, Zhangjiakou, CHN, 2022 • 6th, AE, Zhangjiakou, CHN, 2022

World Championships

World Championships Teams: 2019, 2021 • Silver, Almaty, KAZ, 2021 • Bronze, AET, Almaty, KAZ, 2021

World Cup

World Cup 1st, AE, Minsk, 2016 • 3rd, AE, Minsk, 2020 • 1st, AE, Almaty, 2020 • 2nd, AE, Moscow, 2021 • 2nd, AET, Ruka, 2021

US Championships

US Championships 1st Freestyle Aerials US National Championship 2022 • 2021, Utah Olympic Park, Utah • 2019, Lake Placid, N.Y.

NorAm Cup

NorAm Cup 15 career podiums • Six career wins

Everything You Need to Know About Chris Lillis

Freestyle ski jumping champion Chris Lillis began his journey to the pinnacle of his sport with lessons at age five. At seven, he was accepted to New York’s renowned Bristol Mountain Freestyle Program. From early on, jumping was the discipline that excited and inspired Chris the most. He began competing in backflip events at age 10 and joined the Lake Placid Elite Aerial Development Program at 14. At 17, Chris became the youngest male World Cup gold medal winner in Freestyle Aerial skiing. Under his freestyle belt are a U.S. National Championship title, multiple World Cup medals, and a silver medal from the 2021 World Skiing Championships. Chris will compete in Men's Aerials and Team Aerials events at the 2022 Winter Olympics for Team USA.

The younger brother to world champion and Olympian freestyle skier Jon Lillis, Chris is also the son of Bernie Lillis, Vice President of Partnership Solutions at ResultsCX, and Jamie Lillis. Chris will be competing in honor of his younger brother Michael, who passed away in 2017.



ResultsCX Is Proud to Sponsor Aerial Ski Champion Chris Lillis in the XXIV Olympic Winter Games and Throughout 2022
January 17, 2022

ResultsCX Is Proud to Sponsor Aerial Ski Champion Chris Lillis in the XXIV Olympic Winter Games and Throughout 2022

“I am so proud to be sponsored by ResultsCX,” said Lillis. “Much like Olympic athletes have to deliver at a level of excellence that stands out to the judges, ResultsCX holds itself to an elite standard of customer care on behalf of its clients.”

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    John Doe


    Good luck Chris.

    Ed Vincent Aragon

    Own it Chris!! Goodluck!

    Natalie Sutton

    Good luck out there! You'll forever be a Champion!

    Jean Carter

    Good luck in all your endeavors Chris!!

    Trinity Howard

    The GOLD is yours for the taking!

    Liz Jones

    Good luck with your upcoming season Chris!

    Verda Jones

    So proud to have u represent us as a results agent and a U.S. skier!! congratulations on your success this Olympics!! Keep it up!!!

    Mark Ingersoll

    Awesome Job ! Keep it up man. Fans in Pennsylvania watching too.

    Emilio Pagan

    I Wish you and your family the best! GL on the event OWN THOSE JUMPS!

    Mackenzie kula

    Good luck Chris!!

    Allison Patton

    Good Luck Chris! Send it!

    Carla McQueen

    Congratulations on your Gold Chris! Keep Flying, wishing you the best!!




    Go Team USA!!! Good Luck Chris!! Go for the GOLD!!

    Crystal LaPorte

    Congratulations Chris & Team USA! World Class!!

    Kimberly Baldwin

    Congratulations on winning the Gold!!!!

    Shauna Sanders

    Congrats Chris! We are all so proud of you and happy for your family. Best of luck in your next run, we all all cheering for you here at ResultsCX!



    Jane Michele Wichmann

    All of us here in Wichita Falls, TX are wishing you the very best Chris, Good Luck so glad you're representing us!

    Brian J Kelly

    Thank You Chris! Way to Go on all your achievements. Wishing you continued success. Wear that medal proudly. Go USA!

    Becky Watkins

    Congratulations Chris on your GOLD medal! ResultsCX continues to cheer you on.

    Lois Koukal

    Good luck Chris!!!!! We will be watching you from Texas! USA, USA, USA!!!

    pamela bennington

    So proud of YOU! Just go out and be the best you can be!! cheering for YOU!!

    Cindy and Ron Comtois

    Ron and I are cheering you on from Key Largo! You got this! We will be watching! Go Team Lillis!!! Go Team USA! Go Chris!!

    Betsy Lefler

    Do your best and make us proud!!! Will be watching!!!

    The McElkons

    Soooo excited for you!!! Enjoy every Minute of your Olympic journey! Make all your dreams come true !

    Ellen OReilly

    Good luck Chris!! We are watching from Charlotte NC. Love you! Ellen

    Jamie Lillis (aka mama)

    So proud and excited for you! Send it!


    Good luck Chris!! So proud of you!! Love coming on this ride with you!!!!

    Khristopher Adam S. Gaw

    Wishing you all the best, and a great game! Go for it, Chris!

    Gracie Cruz

    Send it, Chris!!!! May the force be with you!

    Ben Page

    Time for full send! Get after it and good luck!!!

    June Bateman

    Chris, We are all sending positive vibes! Soar high!

    Glenna Williams

    Team Lillis ALL DAY!!!

    Tristan Ferrer

    Best of luck, Chris!

    Deb Vanderwerf (Deb V)

    You are already a champion in our eyes. We are cheering you on from Peoria, AZ. Go get that medal!

    Tandon Blair

    Keep your tips up.

    Jenifer Gardner

    Good luck Chris, Positive thoughts, you got this!!

    Pete Martino

    Chris, Can't wait to see you " SEND IT" at the games. Will be cheering you on.... Best of Luck and Gold is waiting for you!!!

    Blayne Shell

    The brave do not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. Go get em Chris!!!

    Abu Al Khayl Bashir Azrael Parero

    From your Results Family half-way across the globe (Philippines) GOOD LUCK CHRIS!!! THE GOLD IS YOURS!!! TAKE IT!!!

    Noelle Lane

    Good Luck Chris!

    Steve Weston

    Chris, know that you have an extensive cheering section across the US. We know you will make us proud!!

    Lillian Neely

    I know you will make us PROUD Chris, GOOD LUCK

    Charles Toppin

    Best of Luck we are all cheering for you in Richmond Virginia at ResultsCX Alverser!!!!

    LaKeisha Chestnut

    I will be watching Chris. Cheering from Mobile, AL!! Go Team USA!!

    Stephen McClure

    Excited to cheer you on as part of the ResultsCX family!

    Laura White

    Stay safe and soar high, Chris! We are cheering you on!

    Bill Pieper

    ALL THE BEST CHRIS! We're proud of you!!

    Bri Hoaby

    Best of luck to you, Chris! We're rooting for you!

    Mark Bateman

    Fly High and be Safe Chris. we are all watching

    Michelle Frost

    "You were born to be an athlete. You were meant to be here. This moment is yours." Herb Brooks (altered slightly) Good luck, Chris!

    Jeanne Vest

    Congratulations on taking your incredible talent to the world stage, Chris! We're excited to cheer you on!

    Jim Gallagher

    Best of Luck Chris.....Bring Home a shinny Medal!

    Mark Shipley

    Congratulations and best of luck competing!! Your dedication, commitment, and execution is inspiring.

    Keri Weir

    Good luck on your upcoming events Chris! We are rooting for you!