Resolution-Centered CX

Transform the customer journey with an ideally equipped, seamlessly blended path to resolution that combines digital and automation-enabled human interactions.

We design, create, deliver, and optimize end-to-end customer engagement solutions that do just that. Our digitally influenced customer journeys help you grow revenue, reduce costs, and deliver a resolution-centered, differentiated customer experience.

Machine-learning algorithms based on cross-channel user behavior data and feedback
A constantly growing central knowledge base housing content for more than 700 of the most popular devices, apps, and tech leaders
Seamless customer tracking across Self Service, Chatbot, and agent interactions
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SupportPredict Self Service

Take your customers beyond the standard self-service experience with predictive, turn-by-turn guidance and five content delivery methods to accommodate all learning types. With features like content scoring, usage alerts, and feedback analytics, relevant content is always at the ready.

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SupportPredict Agent AI

Empower agents with a self-learning AI platform that leverages usage data from over 100 million users to maximize first-call resolution and transform customer satisfaction.

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SupportPredict Bots

Say goodbye to fragmented support. When digital-first customers escalate from chatbot to agent, SupportPredict Bots bridges the transition to Agent AI, allowing agents to start the conversation right where the bot left off.

Our clients achieve


average digital containment


per month average savings
with Self Service


per month savings in customer
engagement costs with Bots

Seamless, digitally influenced customer journeys

Agent support

Provide intuitive and empathetic human interaction to resolve customer needs that are complex or emotionally charged

Our global footprint provides geographic flexibility with domestic, nearshore, and offshore engagement centers.

Each location is carefully selected based on a vibrant workforce, advantageous business climate, and ready accessibility.

ResultsCX Home Office delivers disaster-proof customer experience solutions with the same stringent security and regulatory measures followed in our contact centers.

Our healthcare engagement teams deliver experienced, human-to-human support that is always personal, simple, dependable, empathetic, and proactive.

AI-empowered agent support

Smarter, more efficient customer support

Improve accuracy and relevance with SupportPredict Agent AI and SupportPredict Bots.

AI guidance helps agents resolve issues faster by matching customer questions to known resolutions in an instant.

Automated support paths reduce handle times and improve first-call resolution.

Custom dashboards keep agents engaged in the knowledge base, on top of trending topics, and aware of updates.

Self-learning Bots integrate with Agent AI to guide agents through the support process.

Agent AI and Bots integrate seamlessly with SupportPredict Self Service.

Convenient customer-driven CX

Deliver information intuitively for all learning types and reduce the cost to serve with SupportPredict Self Service and SupportPredict Bots

Guided navigation gets customers to the answers they need, quickly and easily.

Five content-delivery formats allow each customer to access information in their own way.

Customer behavior insights and predictive analytics make Self Service smarter with every interaction.

Self Service integrates seamlessly with SupportPredict Bots and Agent AI.

Knowledge base content management is simple and supported by ResultsCX as a managed service.

Powerful reporting and analytics

Gain actionable information to optimize the customer experience with ResultsCX Performance Insights.

Flexible reporting portal unlocks detailed usage data and content insights across the entire digital platform.

Unified data from the end-to-end customer journey delivers impactful and comprehensive customer insights.

Custom analytics—such as usage trends, month-over-month performance, support gaps, containment, and KPI performance—drive ongoing savings and CSAT improvements.

Automated report delivery provides daily, weekly, and monthly reviews.

Partner with us for amazing customer experience results

Grow market share by creating seamless, resolution-centered experiences and sales.
Create brand fans by expediting resolution with a strategic formula of automation and human engagement.
Reduce cost to serve with intelligent Self Service while reserving human interaction for when it’s essential.
Achieve a measurable return on investment in weeks, instead of months or years.
Gain actionable insights to optimize the end-to-end customer journey.