Resolution-Centered CX

  • Resolution-centered CX uses digital and hybrid solutions to resolve needs and get customers back to their daily lives. It's support focused on the most critical KPIs: customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Resolution-centered CX leverages an optimal mix of digital support pathways, agent expertise, self-learning AI, automation, and actionable analytics to achieve the primary goal of getting every customer to the resolution they need as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • ResultsCX designs, creates, delivers, and optimizes end-to-end customer engagement solutions that help clients grow revenue and reduce costs, while providing a differentiated customer experience.

Our Solutions Are Focused on Resolution

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To achieve resolution-centered CX, ResultsCX leverages digital support pathways, agent expertise, AI, automation, and actionable analytics to achieve the primary goal of getting every customer to the resolution they need as quickly and accurately as possible.

Our optimal combination of human and digital support provides fast, low-cost resolution for the rapidly growing number of consumers who prefer digital pathways, while unbelievable agent care is still available to those who need or prefer human support.

Regardless of the pathway, our customer experience management solutions facilitate a high level of cost-effective digital containment for support operations and accelerate each customer’s path to resolution. This turns customers into brand fans, helps clients increase wallet share, and reduces the cost of customer service.

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Machine-learning algorithms

Machine-learning algorithms based on cross-channel user behavior data and feedback

Constantly growing central knowledgebase

A constantly growing central knowledgebase housing content for more than 700 of the most popular devices, apps, and tech leaders

Seamless customer tracking

Seamless customer tracking across Self Service, chatbot, and agent interactions

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Our solutions bring together both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human intelligence-powered customer support chatbots, machine learning knowledge bases, self-service systems, and other contact center solutions.

SupportPredict is built on AI- and human intelligence- powered customer support chatbots, machine learning knowledgebases, and self-service systems that allow customers to choose their support channels.

SupportPredict Meets Customers Where They Want to Be

SupportPredict is a fully integrated, highly enabled digital experience platform for digital and agent-assisted CX, developed by customer experience experts to resolve customer needs quickly and accurately.

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Designed expressly for customers who prefer the convenience of a self-driven digital support experience, providing effortless and fast access to a knowledgebase of answers, which reduces client support costs and optimizes interaction time.

Best of all, the system can provide detailed analytics and customer behavior insights to inform future CX strategy decisions.

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Lead customers and agents alike through knowledgebase content so customers can get the answers they need sooner. AI and machine learning enable Bots to constantly increasing their effectiveness for zeroing in on information with the greatest probability to resolve the customers’ needs.

Bots also make it easy for customers to transition from Self Service to live agent support.

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Empowers agents with the right knowledge to solve customer problems. Its AI-driven customer support paths and dialogue prompts guide users through automated search and discovery with resolution, accuracy, speed, and customer satisfaction as primary goals.

Every interaction feeds into detailed analytics focused on customer insights and strategic decisions.