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Fast-Growing Technology

Fast-growing technology (FGT) companies resemble one another in their no-nonsense operational models as much as by the new economy, digital-native conveniences they offer. They’re the bold new generation changing the way consumers interact with brands across all manner of verticals, including healthcare, media and entertainment, hospitality, education, and financial services.

They put consumers behind the wheel with self-service apps and social platforms and often purvey solutions to issues that didn’t exist until recently, like cybersecurity. As the world of retail has adapted to the collective migration from in-store shopping to at-home ordering, it too has experienced exponential growth and adoption of digital interaction with consumers. The fallout, also common to FGT companies, come back to rapid-cycle product development and customer support challenges.


Growth Is a Defining Characteristic for This Technology-Dependent Sector

While some industries suffered from frequent lockdowns during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the technology sector and its adjacent experienced sharp spikes in growth, as well as demand for customer experience management and support.

Recent disruptions in how people approach brands for services and products has only accelerated the need for innovation. According to McKinsey, in terms of “the speedup in creating digital or digitally enhanced offerings…, the results suggest a seven-year increase, on average, in the rate at which companies are developing these products and services.” Clearly, leading technology-related companies are moving faster than ever to engage consumers and grab market share.

FGT Companies Outsource for Customer Support Expertise and Expansion Capacity

Despite their full-steam-ahead pace, fast-growing technology organizations need effective CX operations to maintain their reputations and earn loyalty. They also need expert CX partners to build and manage those operations while they focus on doing what they do best today and what they need to be ready for next. A strong CX partner brings cost-to-serve advantages through its ability to ramp quickly and meet support needs through seasons of spikes, lulls, and business expansion.

True to their nature, most FGT companies wish to expand their non-voice CX channels, especially for technical assistance, payments and collections, order fulfillment, and transaction processing. Digital CX is being adopted widely by these organizations, with a strong increase in self-service among subsegments like streaming, gaming, Edtech, and Fintech. Likewise, FGT has embraced the practicality and advantages of work-at-home-agent models.

Case Studies


Handling Unexpected Growth, Using AI-Empowered Tools

When a retail delivery-only grocery retailer client experienced an unexpected 300% surge in consumer demand, its support operation needed to respond quickly to the large increase in sales opportunities. ResultsCX executed a fast-ramp strategy to meet surging demand and expedite support agents’ speed to proficiency. Learn how accelerated recruiting and onboarding, complemented by the use of SupportPredict Agent AI with Bots and performance analytics, ensured that customers’ needs were met and that the company handled growth in order volumes.


Focused Analytics Improve Media Subscription Customer Save Rates

Facing changing trends in customer demand, a streaming entertainment client turned to ResultsCX for assistance with customer saves. Our analysis identified strategies for reducing the cost per subscriber and improving customer retention. Learn how we ensured support agents were better equipped to prevent customers from canceling their service while also increasing higher-revenue package sales.

Thought Leadership


AI-powered Engagement Tools Optimize Digital and Agent Support Experiences

While companies were advancing their digital CX strategies prior to COVID-19, the pandemic has changed the pace at which it is occurring. Brands are scrutinizing customer journeys like never before to understand how best to provide support. By adopting AI-powered tools, like the SupportPredict digital experience platform from ResultsCX, customers’ individual support preferences can be matched for ultimate effectiveness. Read our white paper to learn how AI can drive enhanced customer satisfaction and operational cost savings, while meeting customers where they want to be and reducing talk time.

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