ChatBots in Customer Support Puts DeviceBits at the Table of a Much Bigger Decision

COLUMBUS, Ohio – December 7th, 2017 – DeviceBits, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) software company, announced today it has signed a multi year agreement to provide its BOT+ Academy offering to help quickly reform the current self-support options for their telecom client’s 25M+ subscribers. This long term agreement solidifies DeviceBits position as an early disruptor to the crowded AI BOT space.

“Even though this was a chatbot request for purchase (RFP), I made it clear we are not a chatbot company.” states DeviceBits CEO JC Ramey. “BOT+ is as much a part of our company’s mindset as it is a product. As an AI software company, why build a tool that does not work within the entire ecosystem to learn its deficiencies and create a better experience for the next user, regardless of the channel they decide to use ?” Ramey explains.

As it turns out, that exact question turned a chatbot RFP into a seat with the customer at their 2018 Strategy Meeting. While the question or concept seems like a no-brainer, the reality of finding it in practice is very limited. Many businesses large and small, have major issues with taking support requests in modalities creating siloed data, systems, and services.

BOT+ is part of the support industry’s only connected Self Service and agent assisted destinations built on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). Like all of DeviceBits products, it benefits from hundreds of millions of real user interactions supported and powered by the SupportPredict framework. The “+” is taking a familiar technology like a chatbot and “adding” multiple training systems, cross functional intelligence and self management. This allows DeviceBits to provide a much quicker deployment while also limiting human capital investment by the client to maintain their current or future bot implementations.

The “+” also plays a part in combining other DeviceBits tools like Academy and CareAssist which offer an industry-first capability called Footprints. This platform allows BOTs and live agents to see and understand their customers’ entire customer support journey, including self-support attempts. BOTs and Agents are informed of the customer’s attempts to self-serve as to respect their time and not repeat efforts. Additionally, SupportPredict presents the most likely next step to accelerate the time to resolution, keeping customers and agents moving forward to a happier experience.

“We are already deflecting more than 1M calls per month with the Academy deployment, providing significant savings in the customer’s support costs. More importantly we are assisting them in being a leader in NPS and with this new and innovative way to support their customers we expect further gains in their NPS score. With the addition of BOT+ we have shown the market the confidence our customers have in recently launched products from DeviceBits, and solidifies us an innovator in the customer support industry” proclaims Ramey.

About DeviceBits

DeviceBits delivers an AI powered software-as-a-service platform to enable consumer Self Service and agent assisted destinations across all digital channels. Our mission is to change how customers buy and receive support for through AI and machine learning, leveraging the vast amount of data available in their knowledge based systems and online. With this approach, we can predict consumer behavior and adapt the customer service destinations. For more information visit