As further details and statistics come out, it’s clear that BOT+ is ready to take the call

COLUMBUS, Ohio – July 18th, 2018 – DeviceBits, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) software made a few details available regarding the current success of the BOT+ CareAssist project being conducted at a number of major service providers. BOT+ plugs into a businesses existing framework and chat provider to automate responses to live agents as needed.

Our mission here at DeviceBits is actually pretty simple, to create amazing customer experience using what we like to call “Appliable AI” or “Practical AI.” Let’s take a step back from theoretical and hypothetical and start applying AI technology and ideologies to TODAY’S problems.

When we started this BOT+ project, it was with a smaller group of 50 Agents ranging is knowledge and experience. During the first few weeks we were seeing a considerable impact which as you could imagine caught the attention of key management. The conversations and DeviceBits’ involvement quickly escalated to now serving 500 of the 1200 agents.

We’ve been measuring the success rates with AT&T / DirecTV for only four weeks and the early results are staggering.

To give you a little background, the numbers below represent two week of calls from customers into their call center. These calls are all based around their top 2 technical call drivers.

1. Receiver Will Not Turn On: RWNTO and 2. Blue Black Green Gray Screen: BBGG). AT&T told us that 90% of these calls were leading to a truck roll and that 50% of those trucks sent equipment back with “No Trouble Found”. The industry average for a typical truck roll like this is $190 putting the Annual Cost at $60 Million.

In the first month, while scaling up to the first 300 agents, the team was now successfully resolved just shy of 75% of these calls totaling 1,410 stopped truck rolls.

Move to today, BOT+ is currently helping 500 Agents handle these top call drivers with an impressive 85% Success Rate, while also helping reduce the Average Handle Time (AHT) of the calls. These quickly become MASSIVE savings when you take into consideration 1200 agents at an 85% success rate on just TWO call driver!

Here is a fun snapshot of the current BOT+ success. Thank you.