DeviceBits Platform Helps Customer Service Agents with Consumer Support Queries

COLUMBUS, Ohio – September 19, 2017 – DeviceBits, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) software company is all too familiar with iOS releases and the hoards of questions and issues that surround a major release by the tech giant. For over two years now, DeviceBits has been providing millions of users and call center agents early insight into the latest iOS releases through its Academy & CareAssist products. Wireless Carriers continue to work the balancing act to deliver support on products and services for brands outside their own, knowing that it provides a bit more control in the overall customer experience which is key.

CareAssist will make iOS 11 available to the 20,000-plus call center agents using the DeviceBits platform for training, education, and support purposes. These agents get an interactive experience learning about new iOS 11 features, device functions, and best practices on customer resolution. It helps bridge the education gap, especially for those agents who don’t personally use Apple devices. On average, CareAssist agents are seeing a 25% decrease in call times compared to agents solving same issues and not using the system.

“It’s always great to witness a call center agent during that ‘ah-ha’ moment when they discover the answer to a customer’s problem. It is even more rewarding when we’ve presented the solution before they (or the customer) even knew it was a problem,” said DeviceBits CEO, JC Ramey, as he recalls a recent client visit to watch the CareAssist product in action.

As many would expect during a new OS release, new features are a heavy contributor to the call volume spikes, but it’s the 10%-15% increase in device upgrade questions that continue to pose challenges to the carriers and customer service agents.

“Do I need to upgrade my device to get the new iOS?”

“Why can’t I update to the new iOS?”

“I updated to the new iOS and don’t like it, how do I go back to my old iOS”

These questions are device-specific, and in over 90% of these calls monitored, the agent would
reference for the answer, some even directing the customer to Apple’s support site for the answer, effectively turning that customer over to Apple.

While Apple does a quality job making information available, navigating through the massive forum style Q&A’s can be overwhelming, even for an Apple veteran. Whether it’s going from website to website, agent to agent, or in cases now with ChatBots, millions of consumers still have unanswered questions.

“It’s frustrating to customers, myself included, who are having an issue or even a basic question, to feel like you are getting bounced around, and find yourself starting the whole process over each time,” added Ramey. “Time is the most valuable asset anyone has, so when I feel like my time is wasted, the frustration grows.”

DeviceBits Academy allows businesses to gain back control of that customer’s experience. Putting a single destination for a smarter, more relevant Self Service experience in their customers’ hands while SupportPredict, their patent-pending AI/ML platform, constantly optimizes support data based on millions of old and new user queries, providing real-time, intelligent results, and helping to predict future consumer behaviors and needs.
iOS 11 is available now on the iPhone 7 Academy portal, available by clicking here.

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