DeviceBits provides interactive 360° look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before it officially launches

COLUMBUS, Ohio – September 8, 2017 – DeviceBits, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) software company is reshaping customer service with interactive and intelligent support tools, even on devices not yet released to the public. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is set to be in customers’ hands on September 15, which also means an expected spike in support issues.

On September 4, DeviceBits armed thousands of its customer partners, from support teams to sales staff, with an early, near hands-on look at the device through its Academy and CareAssist products.

DeviceBits Academy provides consumers an intuitive support destination with relevant and interactive Self Service articles. The Note 8 release is a great example of the unique value provided to a rapidly growing customer list including more brands in wireless, cable, and consumer electronics. Popular banking and travel companies are also leveraging DeviceBits to provide a much-needed revamp in customer-focused Self Service on day one of device launch.

One thing is certain, Samsung is banking on the new Note 8 to erase any memories of the fiery battery that plagued the Note 7. Interestingly though, during the first 30 days of the Note 7 release, DeviceBits detected a major spike in battery-related issues tied to the device, well before the negative press and ultimately the device recall. As expected, current DeviceBits customers are asking for that same insight with the Note 8, in an effort to avoid last year’s same mistakes that cost millions in support efforts. The Galaxy Note 8 Academy will include support articles such as FAQs, Interactive Guides, Tutorials, and Videos that are intelligently linked to millions of real user experiences. DeviceBits anticipates handling over five million queries for the Note 8 during the device’s first three months.

The Galaxy Note 8 has been made available to the 20,000 call center agents currently using the DeviceBits platforms. These agents can preview, interact, and learn about the Note 8, before ever taking a single support call about the device. CareAssist also syncs with Academy, providing the agent useful insight into their customer’s Self Service efforts, allowing them to pick up troubleshooting right where the customer left off. On average, CareAssist customers have seen a 25% decrease in call times on issue resolution within the first 60 days of device launch.

For a sneak peek, check out the link provided.

Current features driving the most usage in the DeviceBits platform include:

Security: The Galaxy Note 8 provides a few different biometric authentication options—including iris and fingerprint scanning. Samsung Knox7 provides defense-grade security at the hardware and software layers and with Secure Folder, keeps personal and professional data separate.
Innovative Mobile Experiences: Samsung DeX enables a desktop experience, powered by the device. Keep files on the device, conduct work on the go, and use Samsung DeX with a bigger screen. The Galaxy Note8 includes Bixby8, a smarter way to use the device; it learns from personal actions, improves over time, and helps get more done.
Performance Spec Review: 6GB RAM, a 10nm processor, and expandable memory (up to 256GB); Users can freely browse, stream, play games, and multitask for work projects.

“As more devices continue to launch, they’re filled with highly technical and advanced features, as well as specs that offer a tremendous experience for consumers, and the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be no different,” said JC Ramey, CEO of DeviceBits. “All that being said, with advanced technology and features often comes a flood of consumer questions and inquiries, which place great stress call centers and sales staff. The Note 8 Academy destination will help offset much of this and help customers obtain answers to many of their questions in a more efficient manner.”
Samsung devices typically require customer support requests that are more technically advanced than most iPhone devices, according to DeviceBits data:

Typical Samsung Galaxy Customer Support Requests:
Configuration Issues
APN Programming
Updating Firmware
Typical iPhone Customer Support Requests:
Setting Up Voicemail
Sending iMessages
Taking Pictures

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