Customer Support Automation Positions Union Wireless at the Forefront of the Wireless Industry for Support Experience

COLUMBUS, Ohio – December 8th, 2017 – DeviceBits, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) software company, announced today it has signed an agreement where it will provide its Academy and CareAssist + Footprints platform to enhance the customer support solutions for both wireless and fixed line services sold through Union Wireless, a leading provider of wireless services throughout Wyoming, Northwestern Colorado, and parts of Utah and Montana.

DeviceBits’ Academy is the industry’s only Self Service destination built on AI using millions of customer interactions supported by its SupportPredict framework. Union Wireless will also leverage DeviceBits’ CareAssist, which takes the current role of the call center and makes it personalized by rewarding and guiding agents through each call with real time suggestions to resolve the caller’s questions.

Combining Academy and CareAssist offers an industry-first capability called Footprints. This platform allows Union Wireless customer agents the ability to fully see and understand their customers’ entire customer service journey, including self-support attempts. Agents are informed of the customer’s attempts to self-serve as to respect their time and not repeat efforts. Additionally, SupportPredict presents to Agents the most likely next step to help this customer engagement, keeping customers and agents moving forward to a happier experience.

Self-support materials will serve as a central point of emphasis under the new Union Wireless customer support experience. According to a recent online survey1 presented to 2,500 U.S. consumers and 500 brand marketers, there remains a large disconnect in how brands leverage their website to offer self-support materials, and preferences of consumers where they wish to obtain answers for their queries. Only 11% of brand marketers believe their customers turn to their own branded websites to find customer support answers, yet nearly a third of all consumers polled (highest rated answer) said they would prefer to utilize self-support materials made available on the brand’s website.

Union Wireless and DeviceBits’ CareAssist are powered by the AI in SupportPredict and enable Union Wireless to build and scale more effective and efficient agent teams, ultimately leading to the desired state of automated support across all channels for its customers. With CareAssist deployed directly in Union Wireless’ retail stores, the company now offers a revolutionary customer support experience with guided agent resolution right at the store front. Furthermore, the ability to interconnect a single support journey from digital self-support to call center to retail storefronts using the Footprints capabilities will drive a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Union Wireless.

“We’re pleased to know a company like Union Wireless will dramatically change the way they offer customer support to its vast network of customers,” said JC Ramey, CEO of DeviceBits. “Consumers today are accustomed to seeking their own answers online, and with Footprints when they cannot self-serve the Union Wireless agents can see exactly what the customers have attempted and pick up the support interaction where Self Service left off. This offering, combined with a practical application of artificial intelligence makes their support experience more intelligent, leading Union Wireless to the forefront of customer support automation.”

About Union Wireless

Union Wireless is a leading provider of wireless services throughout Wyoming, Northwestern Colorado, and parts of Utah and Montana. Unlike the national wireless companies, Union provides mobile service in both the cities and rural areas; the places that other wireless carriers typically don’t cover. Union also provides landline telephone service and high-speed home Internet in select communities. The company has grown from a small-town local landline provider to a fast-growing regional wireless provider with national and international roaming partners. Union Wireless has close to 300 employees; 14 retail store locations; 20 authorized agents; and more than 300 company owned towers.

About DeviceBits

DeviceBits delivers an AI powered software-as-a-service platform to enable consumer Self Service and agent assisted destinations across all digital channels. Our mission is to change how customers buy and receive support for through AI and machine learning, leveraging the vast amount of data available in their knowledge based systems and online. With this approach, we can predict consumer behavior and adapt the customer service destinations. For more information visit