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Customer Care Survey Shows Consumers Are Having Success Accessing Medical & Insurance Information Via Chatbots And Self-Support Materials

2 years ago

Even When Covid-19 Subsides, Growing Number of Consumers Want Increased Access to Online Customer Care Options

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. – (April 8, 2021) – ResultsCX, a premier customer experience partner to Fortune-100 and 500 companies worldwide, today announced results of a consumer survey addressing trends in how people have leveraged customer service-related technology from health, medical or insurance providers on Covid-19-related issues.

The online survey, commissioned in early January and presented to more than 3,000 individuals across the U.S., shows the interest consumers have in leveraging chatbots and other online self-support materials for health, medical or insurance-related inquiries. According to the survey, nearly a third of consumers (32%) said they have utilized a chatbot to inquire about health or insurance questions, and another 19% said they want to utilize a chatbot but their provider doesn’t currently offer one.

Sixty-two percent say they want to utilize a chatbot because they feel protected from the virus as opposed to asking questions at the doctor’s office. Forty-nine percent believe chatbots allow them to obtain an answer faster than traditional customer service channels, such as telephone calls.

Of those that have utilized a chatbot, 57% said they can obtain answers anywhere from one to ten minutes when engaged with a chatbot. Another 41% said they receive the answers they need within one to four minutes when accessing self-support materials such as FAQs, videos or other tutorials.

More than a quarter (27%) said they have utilized self-support materials accessible online to answer health or insurance-related questions they have. Another 19% would like to utilize self-support materials but their current medical or insurance provider does not make them available.

Of those medical or insurance providers that do offer online customer care options, 43% offer live chat; 40% offer human-like interactive chatbots; 37% offer automated response materials; and 26% offer self-support materials.

According to respondents, even after Covid-19 subsides, 23% of people said they would still like access to online instructional guides; 22% want continued access to technical instructions; and 17% want access to tutorials.

Twenty-seven percent of people said they want their medical or insurance provider to improve the personalization of customer interactions online; and 17% want to see improvements to the accuracy of information.

“I think what we’re seeing in these results illustrates that people are having success with their medical or insurance provider when information is made available online either through effective chatbot technology or access to self-support materials,” said Becky Watkins, ResultsCX Senior VP, Relationship Management. “Even when Covid-19 subsides, there will remain a healthy demand from consumers to have access to this type of online customer care from medical and insurance providers.”

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