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Enhanced Social Media Customer Experience Management Services Launch

2 years ago

ResultsCX Launches Enhanced Social Media Customer Experience Management Services

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. – (April 30, 2021) – ResultsCX, a premier customer experience partner to Fortune-100 and 500 companies worldwide, today announced it has expanded its digital and social media experience management operations to provide comprehensive customer care on behalf of its client brands. The company now offers simultaneous monitoring, triage, and response across hundreds of social channels and digital brand properties; online reputation management strategies; and content moderation that present a singular brand experience to customers.

ResultsCX’s omnichannel CX platform leverages human and artificial intelligence (AI) support across all communication channels, enabling the company to deliver resolution-centered CX to every customer no matter their preferred channel of communicating with their favorite brand.

Over the last few years, the way in which companies have handled customer inquiries has changed significantly. Ten years ago, communication with a brand was done almost exclusively by phone–with some email sprinkled in. Today, the list of communication channels is limitless; consumers interact by voice, email, SMS, social media, live chat video, and even self-guided materials found online.

In response, ResultsCX’s newly expanded omnichannel CX platform shortcuts the path to resolution for customers communicating with brands through email, messaging, mobile apps, telephones, social media channels, digital brand properties or live chat.

Additionally, the company’s SupportPredict suite of digital CX tools meet digital-first customers on their own terms. SupportPredict Self-Service offers turn-by-turn guidance and five content delivery methods. SupportPredict Agent AI empowers contact center agents with predictive guidance through a proprietary knowledgebase with usage data from over 100 million users to maximize first-call resolution and transform customer satisfaction. SupportPredict Bots enhance the Self Service customer interaction and bridge the transition to agent support, allowing agents to start the conversation right where the bot left off.

“Even before the pandemic, consumers’ use of social media for interaction with brands was commonplace, from the way they researched and shopped for items to the way they communicated with businesses about their everyday concerns,” said Blayne Shell, ResultsCX Chief Revenue Officer. “Now more than ever before, brands that get social care right are the ones that will lead in customer loyalty and have great leverage over their competition.”

Businesses that offer consistent and quality customer service retain 89% of their customers1. In contrast, organizations with less-than-ideal omnichannel customer support can retain just 33%1.

ResultsCX’s omnichannel CX platform helps brands maximize their social experience management through a suite of solution sets that offers social care to monitor customers’ concerns and inquiries and provide resolution-centered responses through omnichannel conversations. The platform also provides reputation management solutions that focuses on brand, product and retail reputations. Lastly, it also handles content moderation, AI and human moderation using SupportPredict knowledge management solutions.

A recent industry example illustrates the need to offer a multitude of communication options for consumers, particularly in the healthcare and insurance industries. The survey showed the interest consumers have in leveraging chatbots and other online self-support materials for health, medical or insurance-related inquiries. Nearly a third of consumers (32%) said they have utilized a chatbot to inquire about health or insurance questions2.

About ResultsCX

For three decades, ResultsCX has been a premier customer experience partner to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. We design, build, and deliver digitally influenced customer journeys that achieve the satisfaction and loyalty levels brands need to thrive and grow while improving efficiency and reducing costs. ResultsCX’s track record for reimagining the customer experience to meet consumers’ evolving expectations has driven growth to more than 30 locations and approximately 20,000 colleagues worldwide. Our core expertise extends to actionable analytics, contact center as a service (CCaaS), process automation, and our own SupportPredict digital engagement software as a service (SaaS).



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