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Consumer Appetite: Brand Inquiries via Social Media & Omnichannel

1 year ago

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Many Prefer Social Media Channels Over Phone Support

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. – (July 7, 2021) – ResultsCX, a premier customer experience partner to Fortune 100 and 500 companies worldwide, today announced findings from a recent online survey taking the pulse of how consumers leverage social channels for inquiries into their favorite brands, as well as their customer experience expectations when engaging CX teams on social media.

Over the last few years, the channels through which brands nurture customer loyalty has changed significantly. Ten years ago, customers primarily communicated with brands by phone–with some email sprinkled in. Today, the customer experience encompasses a broad field of communication channels including SMS, web self-service, social media, video chat, and chat bots. As use of social media platforms for customer interaction continues to grow exponentially, ResultsCX recently expanded its social media experience offerings, incorporating new strategic services aimed at strengthening brand reputations and boosting customer loyalty.

ResultsCX also polled nearly 200 Americans in an online survey during April, taking the pulse of how consumers leverage social media for CX, as well as their expectations in comparison to traditional CX methods. Key takeaways from the survey findings included the following:

• In the last twelve months, 52% said they interacted with a brand on social media for a question or concern; 19% said they tried but did not receive any feedback.

• Thirty-eight percent believe a brand should respond within 15 minutes on social media; 34% believe the response time should be “instant.”

• Thirty-one percent say social media is now the channel they feel provides the best customer service experience.

• Thirty-six percent use Twitter most for customer service, followed by Facebook (34%) and Instagram (20%).

• Fifty-five percent said they are motivated to use social media for customer service because they are unsure they will have their issue resolved on website or email; 54% said they have given up on trying to reach companies over the phone; 51% said they believe they will receive faster response through social.

“Consumers expect brands to provide fast, accurate answers and resolve even complex issues through their preferred social channels. We’ve found that meeting the needs of those customer expectations positively impacts major performance indicators like sales conversion, customer spend and overall customer satisfaction,” said Roger Huff, VP of Digital Engagement Solutions. “ResultsCX helps brands maximize their social experience management through social care solutions for monitoring customers’ concerns and inquiries and providing resolution-centered responses through omnichannel conversations. The platform also provides reputation management solutions that focus on brand, product and retail mentions across hundreds of social sites. Furthermore, it handles content moderation, AI and human moderation using SupportPredict knowledge management solutions.”

While social care and community management enable brands to meet and exceed customer needs where there are questions, issues and even positive feedback, an even broader opportunity for heightened social media brand support has emerged. The ability for a brand to build a comprehensive digital reputation management and content moderation strategy provides that brand an advantage over its competition. Through a complement of experienced digital engagement specialists, AI, chatbots and online self-help, brands can prepare to meet their customers across a vast array of digital properties with a unified support strategy.

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