Reimagine CX

The new customer experience for a disrupted world

The old days of CX: A customer attempts to self-serve, fails to find the answer, starts over in a new channel, waits on hold for a chat or voice interaction, gets a boilerplate response to a specific question, gives up, and decides to use a different brand next time.

The new CX: A seamless combination of digital and automation-enabled human interaction that expedites resolution, satisfies customer needs, and turns customers into fans—all while reducing costs.

A professional female talking on the phone and typing on a laptop while holding a toddler and baby toys.

Customer journey transformation



Envision an amazing customer experience with the right blend of human, automation-enabled, and digital pathways.



Integrate practical, AI-powered technology into the customer journey, with Self Service and Bots for convenient transactional support, and AI-empowered human engagement to resolve complex needs.



Transition to a resolution-centered, digitally influenced customer journey and see return on investment in weeks, not months or years.



Gain actionable insights to optimize the customer experience, reduce cost to serve, improve customer satisfaction, and drive revenue and upsell conversions.

We get results

What happens when you reimagine the customer experience? Revenue goes up, customer satisfaction grows, customers become fans, and costs go down. What more can you ask for?

For a large retail client, using SupportPredict Agent AI together with SupportPredict Bots resulted in:

16% increase in sales
7% average cart
value increase
increase in sales
average cart
value increase